What is the best skin care routine for my skin? Most dermatologists are asked this question.

CTM- cleansing, toning, moisturizing! Is this mandatory?

What is my skin type and what routine best suits me?

I have a sensitive skin, how and what should my daily skin care be?

Endless queries!

Let me try and decipher this dilemma. Let us divide the skin care routine into morning(AM routine) and evening/night(PM routine).

The AM routine ?

Cleanser – Depending on skin type we can use different types of cleansers. People with oily skin type can use salicylic acid and glycolic acid based cleansers which help remove excess sebum. A combination skin type can use glycolic acid or lactic based cleansers, or can stick to a  gentle cetyl alcohol ones. Non foaming,pH balanced gentle cleansers are best for dry and also in sensitive skin types.

Toner – I say, skip it! Hard to believe? Trust me, you do not need one.

MoisturizerHyaluronic acid based light moisturizers do the trick for every skin type.

Vitamin C gels/serums/creams- Vitamin C works as a anti oxidant. Including it under the AM routine will benefit you. If one thinks they do not have the time for it, just skip it.

Sunscreen – Ought to use one. If you step out in the sun or not, if it’s a cloudy day/snowy day/rainy day or just another day, never skip using a sunscreen. A good broad spectrum sunscreen should be your best buddy. Gel based non comedogenic sunscreen in oily and combination skin types and creams or lotions for dry skin type work well. Spray sunscreens can be used to touch up after few hours. Sprays and lotion based sunscreens are ideal when one has to use them on larger body areas. (Also read about Melasma ).

The ” inbetween” routine?

Re application of sunscreen after two to three hours is essential.

The PM routine?

Cleanser – Obviously !

Moisturizer – Essential. Do people with oily skin type need moisturizers??Yes, they do!

Vitamiv C serum/gel/cream – They can be used both in the morning and as a part of night routine as well.

Retinol/Retinoic acid – They help in anti ageing, tackling uneven skin tone, help in exfoliation. They help make your skin supple.

Consult your dermatologist to understand your skin type and take their advise to device a best skin routine that caters to your needs.