Melasma is a an acquired condition which presents as dark/ hyper pigmented symmetric patches commonly on the face. Typically, melasma is seen on forehead, nose, cheeks and chin giving the appearance of a butterfly hence it is also referred to as “ butterfly mask”.

hyper pigmented symmetric patches commonly on the face

Melasma is seen in both men and women.

Melasma causes significant impact on self esteem of the affected individual leading to social isolation.

What causes melasma ?

prolonged use of gadgets which emit infrared(IR) radiation
Prolonged use of Gadgets

Oral contraceptive pills, pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy, presence of a family history  ultraviolet light therapy(UV light) and few drugs predispose/cause melasma.

Increased incidence in melasma these days is also partly attributed to excessive and prolonged use of gadgets which emit infrared(IR) radiation and also the heat from cooking might melasma.

Do we get melasma in pregnancy ? What is chloasma ?

Chloasma, is melasma which occurs in pregnancy due to the hormonal influence/imbalance and in majority of them it clears by itself after delivery.

Can we treat / cure melasma ?

Strict sun protection is mandatory. Use of physical sunscreens and/or broad spectrum sunscreens and protective clothing and accessories help in sun protection. It is the primary step in treatment of melasma .

Various topical agents like hydroquinone, kojic acid, azelaic acid, retinoids  ,alpha hydroxy acids, niacinamide and arbutin are used in treating melasma. Antioxidants orally also have a small role.  Chemical peels, laser toning (Q switch laser) help as adjunctive treatments.

Do home remedies cure melasma ?

Do not use anything and everything on the face .Irritant and allergic reaction caused by these will worsen melasma and lead to increased pigmentation.

Melasma has a high chance of recurrence and hence maintenance treatment is very important.

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