Maskne, the new menace !

Skin issues due to CoVID-19 or its related precautionary measures are on the rise.

Use of face masks for prolonged hours is causing many problems such as frictional dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis and acne.

The occlusion effects of mask are either aggravating or inducing acne breakouts in most people.

What is maskne ?

Maskne is a form of acne mechanica. Acne and acne like(acneiform) lesions are seen predominantly on mask covered areas of face which are triggered by prolonged use of mask.

Thanks to CoVID-19, we have many allied battles to fight!

What is the reason for mask induced acne ?

Occlusion, friction and heat predispose to clogging of pores and chaffing of skin which in turn cause acne and dermatitis.

How to treat /tackle maskne ?

  • Washing face at least twice daily is mandatory.
  • Avoidance of greasy skin care products.
  • Use hyaluronic acid based light moisturisers which help in rejuvenation of skin.
  • Change/ wash your mask frequently.
  • Consult your dermatologist to discuss treatment options.

Does makeup worsen acne ?

Use of heavy greasy make up products will aggravate acne and maskne.

Its ideal to avoid makeup.In case one wishes to use make up, use of hyaluronic acid based moisturisers as base layer will help protect chaffed skin.

Use of non comedogenic make up products is recommended.

aggravate acne and maskne

Which masks help prevent maskne ?

There is no single variety of mask that is superior to the other ones in preventing maskne. People using cloth/fabric masks should make sure that they wash the masks frequently. Health care workers and front liners use N95 masks which are more occlusive hence making them more prone to the adverse skin effects of mask use.

Which facewash or cleanser is best ?

Mild cleansers which are non fragrant and pH balanced are recommended in people with sensitive skin and also in people suffering from mask induced acne.

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