Have you ever noticed what your dermatologist’s degree is ?!

MD DVL, DDVL, DNB DVL ! A board certified dermatologist possesses one or more of these degrees.

D and a V and a L! Must be another medical mumbo jumbo term?! Is it? Nah.

These alphabets abbreviate to all the medical conditions that a dermatologist treats. Surprise, surprise.

D for Dermatology

Come along, let’s play Sherlock. Let’s decipher DVL.

Here comes D. D for Dermatology, no surprise there, right?! Dermatology is the study of skin. Agreed but I bet you did not know that hair and nail are the appendages of skin.

Who is a trichologist?

Trichology, tricho means hair and logos means study. Your dermatologist is a trichologist.

Onychology? Is that even a term?

Yes, the word exists. It is the study of nail and its diseases.

Bottom line, all the conditions affecting skin, hair and nail are treated by a dermatologist.

Venereology. Here is the ‘V’. Venereology deals with study and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases or infections(STDs or STIs).Venereal diseases are caused by many different organisms. They can be bacterial, viral, fungal and/or parasitic infections.

It is important to remember that not all disease affecting the genital area are sexually transmitted and also not all sexually transmitted diseases occur only on genitalia. Everything said and done safe sex practices are imperative in prevention of STDs/STIs.

 Now we know where to seek treatment for all venereal conditions.

The L! Leprosy! Taboo is its surname and it is high time that we stop stigmatizing it.

Leprosy is an infection caused by a bacterium. Skin and nerves are affected primarily. Leprosy is a treatable infection and early recognition and treatment is important to prevent its sequelae. It is safe to say dermatologists are leprologists and they play a pivotal role in our goal towards a world where we can eradicate Leprosy.

A board certified dermatologist possesses one or more of these degrees.

The right doctor will give you the right treatment. Choose wisely.

 Do not fall for quackery.

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